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Headwaters I.T. specializes in creating custom cloud-based applications.  When you can't find "off-the-shelf" software that fits your business needs, call us and we can help!  We build our web applications using Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET and SQL Server.  In addition to our many agribusiness clients, we have also worked with a wide variety of other businesses.


Our software solutions are cost-effective and tailored to your needs.  We can build an application that streamlines your workflow and helps you focus on the important aspects of your business.


Maps & Geolocation

We can integrate your application with Google Maps to help your users visualize geospatial information. You can also send text messages including location "pins" directly to your application.  Our mobile and tablet-friendly web applications make gathering, inputting and displaying location data a breeze!


Accept Payments

We can set up your web application to securely accept credit card payments through a number of gateways including Braintree Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and Square.  We take the hassle out of integrating online payments into your application.


Text Messaging

Our web applications can send text messages to your team members, vendors, and customers.  Text messages are great for getting shipment summaries to drivers, sending and receiving map locations, sending payment notifications, and sending automated status updates.


Tablet-Friendly Displays

Web-connected tablets are a very convenient way to display mission-critical information for drivers, forklift operators, warehouse personnel, and retail customers.  They are also great tools for entering location data, QR codes, and bar codes.


Bar Codes & Scanners

Bar codes are easy to implement and can make a huge difference in managing inventory.  Our web-based applications can easily interface with bar code printers and scanners.  Phones and tablets can also be used to read QR Codes.


Scale Integrations

We can create an application that interfaces with any type of scale indicator.  From truck-scales to scientific scales, we can integrate scale data directly into your web-based application.

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